Thinking about a web project? Think of it like a house…

A metaphor that might help you is: a website with no CRM, only one kind of admin user, and a non-customized theme is a manufactured house.
There are a very few options, you select them up front, and no further input is needed.
When you build with us, you are sitting with the architects first. The architects ask you where you want rooms, what features you want, and if you also have considered if you need a garage. As we build your house, you might realize that you didn’t realize how much you want a backdoor (or a hot tub in the bathroom).
Unlike the manufactured house, we will pause to discuss with you what it would take – logistically and financially – to add the back door to your house, precisely since you now realize you’d like to add it. We also want you to be aware that adding features as we go takes more time. We are willing to spend the time to give you the features you now feel you need.
  • We specialize in building customized, open-source workflow systems in long-term collaborations with clients.
  • We also include training, documentation, QA, and contingency lines in our estimates.
  • Complex projects require face-to-face review meetings, and we expect clients not in the NYC area to include budgets for travel.
  • We execute our values by working with clients who do values-driven work
  • We’re doing user-centered technology development —  that requires the users attention throughout the entire process, which allows our clients to make informed decisions.
CLIENT EXPECTATIONS — You can learn about our client expectations on this page.
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