Syntonic Systems – HIPAA Compliance Project

Syntonic Systems Inc. is a technology firm as well as the administrator of a number of large union-run healthcare plans. In 2003, Openflows was approached to web-enable Syntonic’s data transfer system in a manner that complies with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) standards.

Syntonic had already written an application to take data on a doctor’s machine and write it into the proper, HIPAA-compliant format. They had also programmed a system to read and process that data, look into databases, and get a result file (such as validating a claim or processing information on a treatment). Syntonic needed someone to do the part in between — to get the data securely and smoothly back and forth between the provider and the administrator and to access the Internet without jeopardizing the privacy of the health care information stored on the system.

Openflows built an open source module to “web-enable” their Microsoft-based system. By implementing this part of the project with free/open source software, we were able to give Syntonic a secure and stable system that can be replicated for their various clients easily and affordably.