Manhattan Neighborhood Network

Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN), a New York City public access cable television service, chose Openflows to develop a system to manage their training classes, track A/V equipment loans, schedule shows on their four 24-hour cable channels, and interface with their automation software.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 6.36.17 PMThrough working together we’ve also developed systems that allow show producers to create quarterly show requests, reserve studio and equipment, and are beta-testing a system to allow them to request crew assistance and volunteer for other shows.

We’re currently developing a series of Drupal modules that take advantage of the CiviCRM API to allow stations and channels to manage members and member organizations, volunteer and donation tracking, shows and other projects, and inventory. It will also allow MNN, and any other users that choose to adopt the modules, to schedule studio and equipment reservations, classes, and channels in a single integrated system.

A full description of the project is at the Drupal Groups page for the Open Media Project, where other public, education, and government community media projects can follow the project’s progress.

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