Darrow Camp

Darrow Camp is a wilderness camp in Washington County, Maine. In 2007, Openflows built a Drupal-based website that allows staff easy maintenance of content on the site, without sacrificing the original design, which they wanted to retain.

This site was done as a collaboration between the design talent of WD Interactive and our own Drupal customization experience.Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 7.42.27 PM

Drupal was chosen as the platform for this project for two key reasons: flexibility from the design and code perspective and ease of content administration by novice users. The staff of Darrow needed a high quality content management system, and the flexibility of the theme system allowed us to mimic exactly the distinctive design of Darrow’s static HTML site within a Drupal theme.

With the launching of a Drupal-based site, the staff of Darrow can make changes to content without having to wait for the designer to code new pages for them, and the designer can focus on creating the images that give the site its look and feel while continuing to modify that look without the distraction of being responsible for all additions and modifications to the content.

The Darrow Camp site makes use of a several contributed modules. CCK and Views are used to create and manage the “Quicklinks” and “Overheard” quotes. Quicklinks also makes use of Automatic Nodetitles (which in turn uses Token) to create a title based on the link’s title. Webform is being used to create the questionnaire forms, like the “request a brochure” page. The Darrow site is also very reliant on images, so we make use of Image and Img Assist modules for image handling within nodes. To create custom node title images on the fly, we use the Signwriter module.

The theme is based on the design of the static HTML site (originally by WD Interactive), using phptemplate. The theme inherited a table structure in which the front page was different than the sub pages, so page.tpl.php makes heavy use of the is_front variable to properly set the table structure. Aside from the difference of the front page, there are not too many elements of the theme that are outside of any standard phptemplate theme.