Command-line 101

Before interacting with the command line on a regular basis, my closest point of reference to the things that happened in that little black box on a computer screen was the movie Hackers.

Now, Hackers is debatably one of the best movies ever made, but it doesn’t really help out a budding programmer beyond some affective, moral support and hackathon outfit ideas, so here’s a short list of some resources and tutorials I’ve come across as my interfacing with the command line has become more of a daily practice:

This FLOSS Manuals page is your one-stop, most-useful reference.

The novice learners’ friend Wikipedia breaks down what a Command Line Interface [CLI] is and why using it is helpful.

And on the topic of hackers, a collaboration of good people over at FLOSS manuals wrote another
overview of the command line, complete with a few try-it-yourself tutorials/

My friend Roo from Palante Tech Coop shared this command searching and parsing site.

Eric at Openflows directed me to, into which you can type in any shell command and it dissects and explains what each part or flag does, for example…

While Git deserves it’s own post, I found this site to help with Git-specific commands.

And say you are about to use MySQL databases for the first time? Get out your all-while-vinyl outfit and slap this tutorial up on your screen.

Finally, Seth Schoen from EFF‎ wrote a command line book I’m trying to get a copy of, since if reading it is anything like listening to him teach, this book probably will answer every possible question you might have about the command line.

— by Damien, 2013