Co-creating BazLa: a database

Openflows has been working with the Haitian Education Leadership Project [HELPR] since 2013. HELP is an incredible organization who, in the words of the New York Times, aims to nurture an elite corps of change-makers to build up the country.

Part of our process has been creating a massive, integrated Drupal and CiviCRM database to support the growing work this non-profit is doing – and to create it in a way that saves time, expedites reports, and can survive bumps in electric service, as are common in Port-au-Prince.

Project lead Eric Goldhagen spoke about the process:

Eric: In January 2013 my colleague Mark Libkuman and I were in Haiti for the first ever Haiti Hackathon put on by Digital Democracy and the day after the Hackathon we sat down with (Executive Director) Conor and (Deputy Country Director) Amber. We had a long meeting to discuss the ins and outs of HELP and outline the project.

What was the problem?

Eric: HELP had three or four separate systems and none of them were able to handle the complexity of the operations. A tool was needed that could assist staff in their work coordinating and keeping track of everything from student activities, to the support given to each student, and relationships with four separate universities – a tool that could grow as HELP continues to grow and expand.

Read more on HELP’s website here: