Who is Openflows? The People.

EricDrawing on 25 years of media production and networking technology experience, Eric Goldhagen is responsible for managing planning and development of many of our larger projects. In his non-work hours, Eric coordinates a free public-access computer center at ABC No Rio, a community-arts center in Manhattan.

Eric also teaches and gives presentations on the history and practice of Open Source/Free Software and software licenses at various conferences and academic institutions.

Mark Libkuman manages Openflows' day-to-day operations and has been responsible for some of our most complex and long-term projects. He brings to the table a specialty in free software, project management, interface design/programming, and database architecture/programming..

Mark has been a worker at Openflows since 2005 and an owner since 2010. Prior to working with Openflows, Mark worked for Upoc Networks for five years, building community applications for mobile users. Mark also volunteers with the Information and Communication Working Group of the United States Social Forum. When not working he chases after brass bands in random corners of New York City and the rest of the world. Mark holds a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Michigan.


Hadassah DamienHadassah Damien is a technologist, catalog software developer, and communications specialist at Openflows. She has created community-supporting technologies and designs for over ten years.

She holds an MA in American Studies and a Certificate in Interactive Technology and Pedagogy from the CUNY Graduate Center. She teaches, lectures, and writes about archiving, digital humanities, political art, and democratic uses of technology via Femmetech and at the Interference Archive. When not supporting organizations' tech needs, she can be found on either her bicycle or motorcycle or making art.


Daniel Kahn Gillmor is a software developer and technology advisor with a focus on security and systems integration, and on the social and societal consequences of tool choice. When he's not hacking software, he is often riding his bike or tinkering with cheap or second-hand hardware.

FelixFelix Stalder is a co-founder and director of Openflows' research activities. Felix holds a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto and has been lecturing and publishing across North America and Europe on social and business aspects of Open Source.