Haitian Education and Leadership Project (HELPR)

The Haitian Education and Leadership Project (HELPR)  is an educational aid program that provides scholarships and support for outstanding undergraduate students in Haiti. HELP provides full tuition scholarships, academic advisors, English language education, leadership development, internships, housing and other services necessary for economically disadvantaged students to enter and make the most of their undergraduate education.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 6.21.38 PMOpenflows as approached by the Haitian Education and Leadership Program to build out a complex Student Information System to track the progress of the students in their University scholarship program as well as all interactions between HELP staff and advisors and the students. This system also tracks other details about current students and alumnae.

Openflows has worked with HELP from 2012-2015 to build out a full-featured Student Information System using CiviCRM and Drupal 7 to allow for tracking all aspects of HELP’s programs and interactions with potential, current and former students. This system allows advisors and staff — as well as students — to efficiently track students’ progress and get needs met so they can succeed in school and give back to their communities in Haiti.

Once the base system was installed and configured, Openflows imported data from multiple sources so the staff was able to focus on their work and not the input of a decade of archival information.