Digital Archiving: How to Pick A Software

I've been building and teaching others how to build digital collections and archives for about three years now. Seeing that I often field questions from folks, here's a starting list for those interested in creating online archives or collections.

Ask yourself the following questions, as a way to information-gather what you'll be building:

Software Round-up #1: Command-line

Before interacting with the command line on a regular basis, my closest point of reference to the things that happened in that little black box on a computer screen was the movie Hackers.

Now, Hackers is debatably one of the best movies ever made, but it doesn't really help out a budding programmer beyond some affective, moral support and hackathon outfit ideas, so here's a short list of some resources and tutorials I've come across as my interfacing with the command line has become more of a daily practice:

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